We would like to introduce our new casket manufacturing business, Star of Texas Casket Company, located in Elgin. We are a unique, specialty casket manufacturer handcrafting solid-wood caskets- just down the road from you! Our mission is to serve family owned and operated funeral businesses with high-quality, artisan caskets proudly made in the good ol' state of Texas.

So, what makes Star of Texas Casket Company so special?

  1. Our caskets are genuine, solid-wood and local.

  2. We manufacture our caskets straight from Texas timber, produced on-site at our full scale sawmill facility.

  3. Our proprietary method produces authentic, high-quality artisan products.

  4. Our in-house manufacturing process is personal and allows for highly customizable and over-sized units.

  5. We offer standard units featuring quality materials, moulded trim, arched-top lids, corner turnings and fine interiors.

  6. A variety of locally sourced Texas woods from which to choose. Our capabilities even allow us to harvest the material from the client’s own backyard…from their trees or the old family barn!

  7. Standard or custom interiors to match the spirit of the individual; from simple linen to luxurious velvet, or camouflage to grandma’s quilt.

  8. Personalized adornments, laser engravings and other artistic touches available…if you can think of it, we can do it.

  9. Our caskets are competitively priced against massed-produced corporate products.

  10. Our caskets our awesome…we are Texan, after all!

Star of Texas Casket Company is heartfelt endeavor by longtime sawyer, Stephen Wusterhausen of Elgin. Stephen has been in the sawmill business over 20 years, learning the trade and taking over the family business after his father.  We may operate a sawmill, but our caskets are anything but “run of the mill”.  

Equipped with a full-scale sawmill facility, Stephen decided to venture out into specialty casket manufacturing, knowing he could produce a high quality product at a fair and competitive price.  As a result, we are pleased to offer these very marketable caskets to discerning folks who value beautifully handcrafted products made here at home. 

Since 2012, we have been developing the business; personally designing prototypes, fabricating custom machines, and steadily increasing production rates and the products we offer.  We are not a high quantity producer… however, we are a high quality one, and we consider it an honor to do the work we do.

We ask you to consider us as a specialty casket provider for your pre-planning or specialty clientele. It would be a privilege to manufacture custom products for those you serve; and perhaps supply you with a unit for your selection room, as well. Call us today for more information about our production schedule and pricing.

Please feel free to contact us about additional marketing tools and print materials.

All the best,

Stephen Wusterhausen

Star of Texas Casket Company