It started with a simple wish from his father, "Son, I want you to make my casket".  For most it would seem like an awkward request, but for longtime sawyer, Stephen Wusterhausen, it was a fitting and honorable endeavor. Knowing "that day" would eventually come, his father wanted a special, handcrafted casket made with care and sentiment by his son, to whom he had passed down the family sawmill business and taught the invaluable trade of master carpentry.

Stephen comes from a hardworking and ingenious bunch with deep Texas roots; a jack-of-all trades- able to mill, design, fabricate, construct, and fix just about anything...all while tending to family and farm life too. Pleased to provide his father with such a gift, Stephen researched, designed and constructed a prototype model of his father's casket. While in the research phase of casket production, Stephen considered expanding his business into the funeral industry. Equipped with a full-scale sawmill facility, he made the decision to venture out into specialty casket manufacturing, knowing he could produce a high quality artisan product at a fair and competitive price.

His father, Oscar, had the opportunity to see his wish come to full fruition with the expansion of the family business into casket manufacturing in 2013. Oscar Lee Wusterhausen went to be with our Lord, February 27, 2015. He leaves behind a family legacy of talents, faith and fortitude. Oscar will be forever in our hearts and dearly missed.

In Memory of Dad
Oscar Lee Wusterhausen
July 10, 1949 - February 27, 2015